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Corporate Wellness Programs

Our Corporate Wellness programs are aimed at maximizing the performance of your most valued asset - people. Our endeavour is to create purpose-driven, human-centric organizations that are able to balance profitability and productivity with purpose and passion.

Building Resilience. Preventing Burnout

Demands, pressures, change are all an integral part of corporate life. While there is no escaping stress, it is an established fact that sustained pressure leads to physical and emotional fatigue and a host of health issues, all of which ultimately undermine our productivity.


As the success and performance of your organization depends upon your employees being at the top of their game our Resilience Building Program aims at developing a tenacious, resilient and engaged workforce, that is able to stay centred and function effectively in the face of stress, uncertainty and pressure.


Participants learn to work through the cognitive and emotional blocks that are preventing them from performing at their best and in doing so, develop the capacity to not only face adversity, but use it constructively.

Building Positive Relationships at Work

Creating a motivated and enthusiastic workforce that is passionate and psychologically connected to the organization, is one of the biggest challenges faced by team leaders.


Our team building programs are designed to bridge the gap between people in leadership positions and their team members, creating a culture where employees are intrinsically motivated and inspired to do their best.


Some of the issues we encourage  team leaders to think about include:

  • How do I balance accomplishing my goals with supporting and developing my team?

  • How do I effectively manage & inspire people with varying levels of competency and commitment?

  • How do I deal with interpersonal conflict in a harmonious and productive manner?

  • How do create a culture of intrinsic accountability and responsibility?


As gaining a better understanding of oneself is the first step to becoming more effective when working with others, rigorous personal insight into habitual patterns and inner transformation is central to our work of learning.

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