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Community Wellness Programs

Dangerous stress levels, in conjunction with increasingly sedentary lifestyles, are leading to a society where stress-related illnesses are increasing at alarming rates.

Emotional Detox Program

Like physical toxins, toxic emotions such as anger, anxiety and self-pity affect not only our psychological wellbeing; they also impact our physical health.

In fact, a host of physical ailments, such as coronary heart disease, Type-2 diabetes, obesity and insomnia etc, that plague society today are psychosomatic in nature, with their genesis in suppressed and unresolved emotions.

Our Emotional Detox Program is an intense transformational program that helps participants learn how to regulate their emotional energy in ways that are energizing rather than draining.

The program works at the level of the body as well as the mind, helping one release deep-seated physical, emotional and cognitive blocks that are leading to disease and disharmony and are preventing us from being truly happy with our relationships, careers, and lives.

Riding the Wave

Riding the Wave is a program designed specifically for students and aims to empower them with the necessary personal and interpersonal skills required to deal effectively with the challenges of academic life.

Pressures and demands on children today are astronomical. They are being forced to meet standards that are often unrealistic and in most cases, unviable.

Adding to the pressure is the fact that this is the period of one's life when one has to make critical decisions about embarking on a career path, often without much clarity on what one is truly passionate about.

Our program helps students learn how to:

  • Deal effectively with academic pressures and anxiety

  • Cultivate persistence and perseverance so that one can continue working towards goals no matter how hard it gets or how long it takes

  • Deal with social pressures with confidence, equanimity and élan

  • Discover a career and life path that is aligned to one’s core strengths, passions and personality


Most importantly, as teenage years can often be awash with conflicting emotions, our program teaches students how to manage and release toxic emotions such as anger, anxiety and sadness and navigate life with a deep sense of self-love and self-esteem.

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